SR08/09 Day7

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Post by UWE » Fri Jan 16, 2009 11:42 pm

OK :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hot task - HBH is flown like a devil. Great - CG

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Post by cruiser » Fri Jan 16, 2009 11:50 pm

22 wrote:..good, but exits better :lol:
1 ,Finished,Ivo.Kulich,IK,OK-CNDR,LS10,197.2 km,01:12:09,164.0 km/h,0.0 p,833.3 p,,0
Nice :)

I didnt plan my 2nd leg beforehand and had to improvize, so it was far from perfect :lol:

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Post by blazius » Sat Jan 17, 2009 8:27 am

UWE wrote:OK :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hot task - HBH is flown like a devil. Great - CG

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Post by 22 » Sat Jan 17, 2009 10:06 am

I promise that overall results will be done today, in other case I dont go sleep :lol: unofficial results without IGCs:

1,Finished,Winfried.Deppe,WD,D-2709,LS8,197.2 km,01:18:34,150.6 km/h,2 p,998 p,,0
2,Finished,Jaroslaw.Kajoch,JK,SP-2626,LS8,197.2 km,01:20:37,146.8 km/h,0 p,961 p,,0
3,Finished,Jon.Holland,123,G-RUSH,LS8,197.2 km,01:21:34,145.1 km/h,1 p,942 p,,0
4,Finished,Jack.Hart,JH,N1123W,Discus2,197.2 km,01:21:30,145.2 km/h,5 p,939 p,,0
5,Finished,Jan.Michalek,Y77,JERRY,Discus2,197.2 km,01:23:33,141.6 km/h,0 p,908 p,,0
6,Finished,Radek.Mica,RM,OK-5417,LS8,197.2 km,01:23:15,142.1 km/h,11 p,902 p,,0
7,Finished,Erik.Praznovsky,3P,OM-ERYC,Discus2,197.2 km,01:25:02,139.1 km/h,1 p,881 p,,0
8,Finished,Vidas.Berzinskas,V7,LY-GBK,LS8,197.2 km,01:30:01,131.4 km/h,0 p,803 p,,0
9,Finished,Blaz.Verdev,BV,S5-UFO,LS8,197.2 km,01:29:18,132.5 km/h,30 p,784 p,,0
10,Finished,Pavel.Foldyna,OO,OK-8540,ASW28,197.2 km,01:34:53,124.7 km/h,0 p,734 p,,0
11,Finished,jiri.ehrenberger,PJE,OK-6417,ASW28,197.2 km,01:35:07,124.4 km/h,9 p,722 p,,0
12,Finished,Sebastian.Kedziora,01,PREZES,Discus2,197.2 km,01:35:08,124.4 km/h,33 p,698 p,,0
13,Finished,Michal.Stolorz,M,SP-2602,LS8,197.2 km,01:38:34,120 km/h,2 p,684 p,,0
14,Finished,Michal.Strzeszewski,EMS,SP-3829,ASW28,197.2 km,01:37:59,120.8 km/h,18 p,676 p,,0
15,Finished,Mirek.Jezek,MJJ,OK-9720,LS8,197.2 km,01:39:56,118.4 km/h,0 p,670 p,,0
16,Finished,Peter.Ziak,PZ,OM-4701,LS8,197.2 km,01:42:24,115.5 km/h,4 p,636 p,,0
17,Finished,Ladislav.Cervinka,LAD,OK-1979,ASW28,197.2 km,01:56:01,102 km/h,76 p,425 p,,0

18,Landed,Tomasz.Kocemba,ZAR,SP-4010,LS8,9.2 km, , ,0 p,23 p,,0
19,Crashed,Henryk.Piekos,HP,SP-3468,ASW28,92.2 km, , ,79 p,0 p,,0
20,Crashed,Tim.Kuijpers,NX,PH-977,ASW28,20.8 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
21,Crashed,Peter.Kravec,PK1,OM-OME,Discus2,1.1 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
22,Landed,B.Jensen,48,OY-LIFT,Discus2,0 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0

15 m:
1,Finished,H.Blazz,HBH,HUUU,ASW27,197.2 km,01:08:16,173.3 km/h,0 p,1000 p,,0
2,Finished,Barbu.Gypaete,YW,HB-1966,ASW27,197.2 km,01:09:47,169.6 km/h,1 p,970 p,,0
3,Finished,Simon.Berx,S1,OO-ZSB,Ventus2,197.2 km,01:10:35,167.6 km/h,5 p,952 p,,0
4,Finished,nko.volov,NV,NIOL,LS6,197.2 km,01:13:09,161.7 km/h,1 p,933 p,,0
5,Finished,Sasa.Mihajlovic,SM1,9A-GSM1,ASW27,197.2 km,01:12:20,163.6 km/h,0 p,926 p,,0
6,Finished,Balogh.Andras,66,HA-5117,ASW27,197.2 km,01:14:03,159.8 km/h,0 p,897 p,,0
7,Finished,Sandor.Laurinyecz,LS,HA-4483,ASW27,197.2 km,01:14:04,159.7 km/h,0 p,897 p,,0
8,Finished,Borislav.Antolovic,41,9A-CILA,ASW27,197.2 km,01:14:22,159.1 km/h,7 p,885 p,,0
9,Finished,Tornyai.Janos,FLY,HA-1969,ASW27,197.2 km,01:15:02,157.7 km/h,2 p,879 p,,0
10,Finished,philip.bradshaw,44,WASPY,Ventus2,197.2 km,01:15:10,157.4 km/h,0 p,879 p,,0
11,Finished,Istvan.Urban,UP,PIT-ASS,ASW27,197.2 km,01:16:23,154.9 km/h,0 p,860 p,,0
12,Finished,Daniel.Krizanec,DK9,9A-KRIZ,Ventus2,197.2 km,01:16:43,154.2 km/h,1 p,854 p,,0
13,Finished,Xavier.Bousquet,XB,F-XBXB,ASW27,197.2 km,01:16:49,154 km/h,3 p,850 p,,0
14,Finished,Norbert.Kiss,CN,HA-1974,ASW27,197.2 km,01:17:01,153.6 km/h,5 p,845 p,,0
15,Finished,Istvan.Rumpler,IR,HA-RIST,ASW27,197.2 km,01:18:24,150.9 km/h,0 p,830 p,,0
16,Finished,O.Lvox,OL,EU-BOF,LS6,197.2 km,01:20:11,147.6 km/h,2 p,822 p,,0
17,Finished,Stephan.Minbielle,STM,NT-BX33,ASW27,197.2 km,01:18:59,149.8 km/h,0 p,821 p,,0
18,Finished,P.Geza,GP9,HA-PG,ASW27,197.2 km,01:20:33,146.9 km/h,0 p,799 p,,0
19,Finished,Valery.Shapoval,VEL,RUS-023,ASW27,197.2 km,01:24:11,140.6 km/h,0 p,751 p,,0
20,Finished,Dr.Diman,DRD,DRDIMAN,ASW27,197.2 km,01:25:07,139 km/h,13 p,726 p,,0
21,Finished,Zoran.okara,ZO,9A-FFF,ASW27,197.2 km,01:28:20,133.9 km/h,0 p,701 p,,0
22,Finished,Antal.Szucs,SIR,Siraly,Ventus2,197.2 km,01:28:32,133.6 km/h,4 p,695 p,,0
23,Finished,Zsolt.Mattburger,MZS,HA-MACI,Ventus2,197.2 km,01:32:14,128.3 km/h,0 p,658 p,,0
24,Finished,David.akal,SAK,OK-DEMO,Ventus2,197.2 km,01:34:15,125.5 km/h,0 p,637 p,,0
25,Finished,Markus.Lentin,ZM,D-6028,Ventus2,197.2 km,01:37:11,121.7 km/h,2 p,606 p,,0
26,Finished,Martin.Loew,ZZ,D-4080,Ventus2,197.2 km,01:37:55,120.8 km/h,11 p,590 p,,0
27,Finished,Basil.Fawlty,RCB,COCK-UP,Ventus2,197.2 km,01:40:41,117.5 km/h,4 p,572 p,,0
28,Finished,Ingo.Bleich,BL,D-1248,Ventus2,197.2 km,01:50:08,107.4 km/h,3 p,558 p,,0

29,Landed,Piotr.Raczynski,PIT,SP-2901,ASW27,35.3 km, , ,0 p,99 p,,0
30,Crashed,Denis.Baranov,DAN,RU-LALA,ASW27,91.9 km, , ,7 p,0 p,,0
31,Crashed,Axel.Top,RA6,TOP,ASW27,57 km, , ,2 p,0 p,,0
32,Racing,Daniel.Galuszka,YYY,SP-3049,ASW27,52.8 km, , ,6 p,0 p,,0
33,Crashed,Janos.Bauer,55,D-1255,Ventus2,46.9 km, , ,9 p,0 p,,0
34,Crashed,Sergey.Timanovsky,TSD,RU-TSD,ASW27,37.3 km, , ,1 p,0 p,,0
35,Crashed,Sean.Churchill,19,G-SAMG,ASW27,29.3 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
36,Racing,Sergey.Kurbanov,KSN,TURTLE,ASW27,29 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
37,Crashed,Istvan.Csonka,DJ,D-2563,Ventus2,22.9 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
38,Crashed,Frank.Paynter,TA,N62TW,Ventus2,21.4 km, , ,61 p,0 p,,0
39,Crashed,Jan.Hejret,JEN,OK-1976,LS6,16.5 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
40,Crashed,Pavel.Schukin,PAV,RU-BEST,ASW27,10.1 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
41,Crashed,Vladimir.Bardin,14,EU-HIGH,ASW27,6.8 km, , ,3 p,0 p,,0

18 m:
1,Finished,Roberto.Montiel,RMQ,EC-RMQ,ASG29,197.2 km,01:11:47,164.8 km/h,1 p,999 p,,0
2,Finished,Uwe.Melzer,UWE,FUNFLY,ASG29,197.2 km,01:11:50,164.7 km/h,1 p,998 p,,0
3,Finished,Ivo.Kulich,IK,OK-CNDR,LS10,197.2 km,01:12:09,164 km/h,0 p,992 p,,0
4,Finished,Tadej.Krevh,TK,S5-3051,Ventus2cx,197.2 km,01:12:43,162.7 km/h,0 p,980 p,,0
5,Finished,Sebastian.Naegel,XN,D-0787,ASG29,197.2 km,01:13:08,161.8 km/h,6 p,966 p,,0
6,Finished,Thomas.Foerster,TF,D-KFWH,Ventus2cx,197.2 km,01:14:14,159.4 km/h,0 p,950 p,,0
7,Finished,David.Leonard,ZL,N27ZL,ASG29,197.2 km,01:15:59,155.7 km/h,1 p,914 p,,0
8,Finished,Karsten.Leucker,KL,D-4734,ASG29,197.2 km,01:16:11,155.3 km/h,2 p,910 p,,0
9,Finished,Jarmo.Karjalainen,JKK,OH-HML,ASG29,197.2 km,01:16:17,155.1 km/h,1 p,909 p,,0
10,Finished,Martin.Semrad,MSE,OK-DAR,Ventus2cx,197.2 km,01:17:41,152.3 km/h,0 p,884 p,,0
11,Finished,Martin.Kozar,MK1,OM-2002,Ventus2cx,197.2 km,01:17:37,152.4 km/h,2 p,883 p,,0
12,Finished,Emmanuel.Quartier,EQ,GOLGOTH,Ventus2cx,197.2 km,01:18:26,150.9 km/h,6 p,864 p,,0
13,Finished,Matt.McKrell,MM,N304RK,ASG29,197.2 km,01:19:04,149.6 km/h,3 p,856 p,,0
14,Finished,Jens.Moller,DK1,XL147,Ventus2cx,197.2 km,01:19:20,149.1 km/h,2 p,852 p,,0
15,Finished,Peter.Kozar,LN,OM-2700,Ventus2cx,197.2 km,01:20:57,146.2 km/h,4 p,823 p,,0
16,Finished,Floris.Meinster,MEI,PH-1986,ASG29,197.2 km,01:22:45,143 km/h,0 p,797 p,,0
17,Finished,Jens.Biere,Y8,D-0917,Ventus2cx,197.2 km,01:22:25,143.6 km/h,24 p,779 p,,0
18,Finished,Eric.DICXIT,AE,ER-DICX,ASG29,197.2 km,01:24:30,140 km/h,0 p,770 p,,0
19,Finished,Karoly.Kukorelli,C8,HA-5888,ASG29,197.2 km,01:27:07,135.8 km/h,0 p,731 p,,0
20,Finished,Vlado.Pusovnik,VPU,S5-1702,Ventus2cx,197.2 km,01:28:00,134.5 km/h,13 p,705 p,,0
21,Finished,L.Somogyi,SL,SL-1970,ASG29,197.2 km,01:29:52,131.7 km/h,5 p,687 p,,0
22,Finished,Gabor.Herczeg,HER,HER-001,ASG29,197.2 km,01:31:29,129.3 km/h,6 p,665 p,,0
23,Finished,Andy.Souter,E20,G-ANDY,Ventus2cx,197.2 km,01:32:50,127.5 km/h,0 p,653 p,,0
24,Finished,-.ACE-Pilot,ACE,D-1234,ASG29,197.2 km,01:40:27,117.8 km/h,2 p,562 p,,0
25,Finished,Svato.Pelcak,PS5,OK-6816,Ventus2cx,197.2 km,01:38:41,119.9 km/h,23 p,560 p,,0
26,Finished,Michel.Bonardel,BNL,F-MB17,LS10,197.2 km,01:40:36,117.6 km/h,9 p,553 p,,0

27,Crashed,Martin.Krapf,MCC,OK-1411,Ventus2cx,51 km, , ,5 p,0 p,,0
28,Crashed,Audrius.Artiskevicius,AA,LY-GAA,ASG29,42 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
29,Crashed,Paco.Redondo,FRR,EC-FRR,ASG29,39.9 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
30,Crashed,Jan.Kristof,AF,OK-8710,LS10,35.2 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
31,Crashed,Andreas.Wissmann,AW1,D-9034,Ventus2cx,22.1 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
32,Crashed,Antoine.Pocan,APO,CH-702,ASW28-18,19 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
33,Crashed,Gorazd.Pusovnik,GP,S5-0602,ASG29,5.9 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
34,Landed,Svato.Pelcak,PS5,OK-6816,Ventus2cx,0 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0

1,Finished,M.DGTFER,DGT,M-DGT,ASW22,197.2 km,01:13:05,161.9 km/h,0 p,1000 p,,0
2,Finished,Marek.Svozil,22,OK-2211,ASW22,197.2 km,01:13:59,159.9 km/h,5 p,977 p,,0
3,Finished,Ulrik.Sorensen,3W,OY-CLX,Nimbus4,197.2 km,01:14:31,158.8 km/h,9 p,962 p,,0
4,Finished,Kestutis.Jurkstas,F,LY-GMF,Nimbus4,197.2 km,01:15:33,156.6 km/h,0 p,951 p,,0
5,Finished,Slawek.Lizon,SLA,SP-1960,ASW22,197.2 km,01:15:22,157 km/h,11 p,944 p,,0
6,Finished,Radek.Krejcirik,XII,D-6394,ASW22,197.2 km,01:16:56,153.8 km/h,3 p,922 p,,0
7,Finished,Horst.Jahnke,DHJ,D-2056,Nimbus4,197.2 km,01:18:05,151.5 km/h,3 p,901 p,,0
8,Finished,Pete.Allen,PWA,G-1466,Nimbus4,197.2 km,01:18:34,150.6 km/h,0 p,895 p,,0
9,Finished,Tomasz.Siejek,GD5,SP-0055,ASW22,197.2 km,01:18:43,150.3 km/h,0 p,893 p,,0
10,Finished,Rene.Polewka,BRA,PT-XRP,Nimbus4,197.2 km,01:18:43,150.3 km/h,0 p,893 p,,0
11,Finished,Andrew.Warbrick,AW,G-CGAR,ASW22,197.2 km,01:19:36,148.6 km/h,1 p,876 p,,0
12,Finished,Helmut.Kuenne,F9,D-2318,Nimbus4,197.2 km,01:21:41,144.9 km/h,0 p,842 p,,0
13,Finished,Brano.Ziak,BZ,BRANO,Nimbus4,197.2 km,01:21:48,144.6 km/h,0 p,840 p,,0
14,Finished,Tony.Heslegrave,TH,G-OFER,Nimbus4,197.2 km,01:21:10,145.8 km/h,26 p,825 p,,0
15,Finished,Jean-Louis.Cornez,CRZ,OO-CRZ,Nimbus4,197.2 km,01:23:56,141 km/h,3 p,803 p,,0
16,Finished,Jan.vStratum,TP,PH-1004,Nimbus4,197.2 km,01:26:09,137.3 km/h,1 p,771 p,,0
17,Finished,Jan.Merettig,JAM,D-2386,Nimbus4,197.2 km,01:26:20,137.1 km/h,1 p,769 p,,0
18,Finished,Christian.Feil,CF,D-4039,ASW22,197.2 km,01:28:11,134.2 km/h,0 p,743 p,,0
19,Finished,Jerzy.Folcik,JFF,SP-5555,Nimbus4,197.2 km,01:35:21,124.1 km/h,15 p,635 p,,0
20,Finished,jiri.holub,JHO,OK-4408,Nimbus4,197.2 km,01:36:20,122.8 km/h,7 p,631 p,,0
21,Finished,R.Pupush,LF,OK-0819,Nimbus4,197.2 km,01:46:20,111.3 km/h,2 p,529 p,,0

22,Crashed,Terry.Foster,TF1,TF-HIGH,Nimbus4,140.5 km, , ,4 p,0 p,,0
23,Crashed,Janusz.Zak,JAZ,SP-1954,Nimbus4,71 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
24,Crashed,Denny.Stouten,U2,PH-BONO,Nimbus4,39.7 km, , ,5 p,0 p,,0
25,Racing,Vladimir.Baran,VB,OK-2724,Nimbus4,29.3 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
26,Crashed,Janos.Lenarth,LJJ,HA-4511,Nimbus4,20.4 km, , ,1 p,0 p,,0
27,Crashed,Silver.Fox,CVF,G-MIP,ASW22,1.7 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
28,Landed,Apolinaras.Berzinskas,PB3,LY-GPB,ASW22,0 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0

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Post by Polewka » Sat Jan 17, 2009 2:43 pm

22 other case I dont go sleep :lol: ...
Anything different from usual? :shock: :shock: :lol: :lol: :twisted:

Thx Marek, you're doing a nice work !! Applause.

Team Brasil

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Post by 22 » Sat Jan 17, 2009 3:09 pm

thx Rene, I dont think so, normally I am off around 04 UTC :lol:

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Post by Redich » Sat Jan 17, 2009 5:02 pm

Hi Marek,

Is it possible for u to move me to 15m class? and still same Timezone.

Kind regards
B. Jensen (48 )

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Post by 22 » Sat Jan 17, 2009 5:17 pm

It is in Karsten's jurisdiction. :wink:

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Post by Redich » Sat Jan 17, 2009 5:18 pm

22 wrote:It is in Karsten's jurisdiction. :wink:
Okay - will u ask him or shall I pm him :)

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Post by 22 » Sat Jan 17, 2009 5:49 pm

I think he is reading this forum, so you will get his opinion soon.

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Post by kaleu » Sat Jan 17, 2009 10:55 pm

Redich wrote:Hi Marek,

Is it possible for u to move me to 15m class? and still same Timezone.

Kind regards
B. Jensen (48 )
Yup, in your case it seems to be no problem, Marek is already changing it :wink: .

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Post by 22 » Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:12 pm


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Post by Redich » Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:10 am

Thx for the help guys :) I must admit after have flown some task now in this ASW27 I just want to compete in this great glider :P Not that I believe it will change I then can do it better against all these good pilots in here :shock: it's just a very fine glider this ASW27 and I really love flying in it.

Best regards

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