Building a Condor Keypad

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Building a Condor Keypad

Post by alioth » Fri Apr 16, 2021 12:09 pm

As I am now using VR, I had problems operating keys in the main keyboard.

So I decided to build my own keypad for Condor with the features I most frequently use:
I wanted to find easy the keys/functions, and to be confortable with the keys I am always pressing, as flaps, pda..

I designed this keypad. It has a wrist rest and the fingers go to the flap level and pda functions easily .


The switches are the Cherry MX blue and keycaps are PBT.
I am using an Arduino pro micro with self code.


Everything is 3d printed using ABS and PETG

And these are the functions I have coded:


I have pre defined text as:
"regatta?" :P
and some more..
You press the text key, rotate the encoder to choose the pre defined text you want, and push the rotary to send the text. So it is very easy with the VR headset.

It has some more functions (like warning alarm when using airbrakes or sound tones when arm/desarm Q recovery function) to know the state with the VR headset.
Xsoar functions are all in the joystick buttons.

With VR and this keypad I am really having fun as never before in Condor.
And I think the keypad has helped me to increase a little my performance.

Just wanted to share it with you!

Arturo Moreno. AMS

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