There are 3 major items we bring to you this time. Spectate!, ASW 20, and a whole set of other improvements.

The big one is our spectator mode, Spectate! which allows up to 64 non flying spectators to join and watch a race with different displays, track ribbons, data, map view, and Cockpit view. We have brought this out now to support the many national federations planning to hold Condor competitions during the COVID19 lockdown.

Second one is release of our ASW20B for club class.

And the other improvements are:
– FPL not saving 20-meter multiseat class fixed
– Invisible plane bug fixed
– Chatbug timeout fix
– 32 bit BMP PDA map fix
– Netto vario bug on all planes fixed
– Waiting for launch queue improved
– Improved towplane terrain avoidance
– Made the scoring list scrollable
– Improved sideslip effect on ASI reading
– Auto-rudder in flight toggle switch
– Improved network data transfer for smoother MP experience
– Turnpoint sectors and task visualization improved