We are pleased to release the latest update to Condor 2 today.

Update 2.0.3 has a number of improvements:

  • Multimonitor support added. Check in setup menu for the adjustments.
  • Fullscreen emulation added.
  • Wingtip smoke completely redesigned. There is a setting for it in setup/options for colour etc.
  • Big performance improvement with lots of clouds.
  • PDA aspect ratio corrected for all planes.
  • PDA moved in Std Cirrus and Blanik.
  • Physics improved for recovery from spins with water ballast.
  • Bug of elevated gliders on the ground is fixed.
  • Many other bugs fixed.

We are also releasing the JS1C-18 Evo and JS1C-21 gliders. We have changed the way plane updates are delivered. In the download section, there is a Hangar update which will update your Hangar to all the released planes. If you want to fly the new planes, go to the Buy page after installing the Hangar update.