The Condor Control Unit enhances the simulation experience with Condor – making it easy to fine-tune the virtual sailplane’s trim and finesse the airbrakes. It is especially useful when using VR Goggles. It is a great companion to the Condor-Keypad too. I would argue that a full-size “sit in” simulator rig is not necessary for most users. Not many of us have room for a huge aviation simulator rig in our homes. They make sense in soaring club clubhouses, but not in homes and apartments. A joystick, rudder pedals, Condor-Keypad, and Condor Control Unit get you 90% of the functionality of a sit-in simulator rig – especially when using VR goggles or multiple monitors.

  • Works great with Condor Soaring Flight Simulator
  • Works great in other flight simulators
  • 3 levers for smooth control of airbrakes, trim, and flaps. May optionally be assigned to other functions – such as throttle for a motorglider.
  • 3 x 2-way rocker switches allow control of 6 user-definable digital inputs – assigned to any digital function in the Condor software
  • USB A male rectangular connector for connection to any PC
  • Extra colored knobs are included – so you can change the knobs as desired. 3 black, 2 red, and 2 blue knobs are included. A long black knob is also included which can be used to control all 3 levers at the same time – as when flying a multi-engine airplane in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Many sailplanes have the trim lever colored green. You may want to paint one of the knobs green. I don’t think that is necessary, unless you’re using the system for primary training in a club or commercial soaring operation.
  • A mounting adapter is included for clamping the Condor Control Unit to the edge of a table or desk. The adapter can be mounted to either the back or bottom of the Condor Control Unit. 4 screws are included for attaching the mounting adapter to the control unit.
  • Compatible with: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10