The planes shown on this page are those included with Condor 2. There are many more available to purchase in the Condor store.


Schleicher ASW28

Class: Standard
Model: Wiek Schoenmakers
The ASW 28 is a 15m Standard class glider of composite construction. Designed by Gerhard Waibel, production began in 2000.

Lange Antares 18S

Class: 18 m
Model: George Winnard
The Antares is one of the newer generation high performance sailplanes in the 18m flapped class.

LET Blanik L-13

Class: 2-seat trainer
Model: Jiri Brozek
Blanik is the much loved metal trainer from Czechoslovakia. It has been flown all over the world, and is probably the most numerous training glider ever made.

Avionic Diana-2

Class: 15m
Model: Condor Team
The Diana-2 is the most successful 15m sailplane in World Championships and Sailplane Grand prix in recent years.

Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus XL

Class: 20m 2-Seater
Model: Condor Team
The Duo is a very versatile glider. Good in the training role, good for cross country, and competitive in 20m competition.

LAK Genesis 2

Class: Standard
Model: Condor Team
Revolutionary design, it has a good performance at low speeds, almost matching the LS-8

Schneider Grunau Baby

Class: Vintage
Model: Condor Team
The classic single seat glider of the 1930’s, made in their hundreds and copied in many countries.

Schempp-Hirth Standard Cirrus

Class: Club
Model: Tom Eagles
Nice handling glider, and the leading performer in club class