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Condor update patch 2.0.6 and Schweizer 1-26 released

Patch 2.0.6 is released today with improvements in a number of areas. - Increased memory availability for the larger landscapes now being released. - Depth perception factor adjustment for Virtual Reality users. - 6DOF support for TrackIR - the usual correction of other minor bugs Also released is the Schweizer [...]

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Condor update 2.0.4 released

Due to problems with Condor Patch 2.0.3 on some computers we had to make a quick update. What's new in 2.0.4: - fixed 2.0.3 main menu bug - added option of "fixed ballast" which makes maximum wingloading achievable on all planes - handicap indexes updated to DAeC 2018 - updated [...]

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Simulator Training Doubles Solo Rates at the United States Air Force Academy

In the summer of 2018, the United States Air Force Academy began using Mach 0.1 Simulated Glider Cockpits as part of their "Glider Airmanship" course. The data collected from the course shows that the solo rate for students who completed the course in 2018 was more than double the solo [...]

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NEW - Condor Keypad Details: The Condor Keypad brings most of the common keyboard commands to your fingertips. It dramatically improves the ease-of-use of Condor and Condor 2. Instead of trying to remember which key on the PC keyboard is used to toggle the landing gear, just hit the [...]

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Landscape CW-B Morava released

CW-B is the new commercial scenery from Condorworld for Condor Soaring Simulator Version 2 . It covers the center of the Czech Republic. The scenery has new textures with double texture resolution - 8192 pixels instead of 4096, detailed city and terrain. Scenery is based on real maps, uses highly [...]

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Tchin-Tchin 17h30 The big afternoon rendez-vous for all Condor pilots

From tea time to dinner, a new task every day, most of the time an easy flight, sometimes less, but always interesting. All kind of gliders, with beautiful landscapes on the popular sceneries. And you will fly with some of the most friendly pilots of the Condorsphere! All beginners are [...]

By | April 17th, 2018|Categories: Community News|0 Comments
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